The Save Rate at Houston's animal control i.e. BARC, was only 81% in 2017.

That breaks down to a:

* 79.6% Save Rate for Dogs and Puppies;  

*   85.5% Save Rate for Cats and Kittens; and

*   57.2% Save Rate for "Other" Animals such as small pets and wildlife.


BARC killed or lost 5,596 animals in 2017.  That is 15 pets KILLED BY BARC every single day in 2017. 

In September 2009, the international, No Kill expert, Nathan Winograd, assessed BARC and wrote a 200 page assessment report explainging step-by-step how to end the shelter killing of shelter pets.  Yet BARC leadership has chosen to not comprehensively implement those recommendations.


There are 200+ Open Admission shelters, serving 500+ cities and towns, who are saving 90% to 100% of all animals.  Many are saving all healthy and treatable pets.  And many have higher Intakes Per Capita than BARC---mean they have a harder job than BARC's leadership.   

Those successful shelters have put into place a series of eleven lifesaving programs and services, i.e the “
No Kill model of sheltering”, which has dramatically increased the Save Rate in their communities. 

The No Kill model of sheltering is working across the country to save all healthy and treatable pets.  BARC could do it too, but Houston's mayor must require that BARC leadership comprehensively implement the same programs that are working across the country..... or hire someone who will. 


Saving some and killing the rest is not good enough.

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In 2015, in response to Houston Voters For Companion Animals candidate questionnaire, Sylvester Turner said "Implementing a no-kill policy should be the ultimate goal for Houston’s animal control.  As mayor, I will champion policies in pursuit of that goal."


We animal lovers and voters have to make sure that he keeps his campaign promises to us.   In order for this issue to get the same attention as other issues, like potholes, we voters have to make sure that our elected officials know that we care deeply about this issue.

We have created a link that will open a pre-written email to the mayor asking him to keep his campaign promise. 


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