Houston area No Kill shelters and rescue groups

There are many No Kill shelters and rescue groups in the Houston area.  A few of them are listed below.  Click on their logos to learn more about each oprganization.


You can also search www.PetFinder.com to locate shelters and rescue groups in your area. 


You can search by type of animal, breed, age etc. to find your perfect match. 

(Note: Not all of the shelters listed on PetFinder.com are No Kill shelters, so make sure that you ask them, and/or check our "Houston Kill Shelters" link above, before relinquishing a pet there).



Good Lif3 Bully Rescue
Clipped Ear Cat Sanctuary
Frisky Paws Rescue
Homeless & Orphaned Pets Endeavor (HOPE)
Homeless Pet Placement League
Jurassic Bark Rescue
Lone Star Boxer Rescue
Smart Animal Rescue
Buster's Friends
Adopt a Cat Texas