PETA opposes No Kill efforts while killing 97+% of the animals that enter their own "shelter".

PeTA blasted its opposition to No Kill Houston and Nathan Winograd's efforts to bring no kill sheltering to Houston by sending letters to Houston's newspaper and by sending mass emails to their members.  PeTA told Houstonians and our city officials to oppose No Kill sheltering and instead demand Mandatory Spay/Neuter laws.  It is beyond comprehension why PETA, an organization who claims to want to save all animals, would oppose No Kill efforts which could save 80,000 pets in Houston each year.  See Nathan Winograd's response to PETA's killing agenda here.


And while mandatory spay/neuter laws may seem like the answer to lowering the kill rates in shelters, it is actually counter-intuitive.  Apparently, PeTA has not researched other communities that have passed mandatory spay/neuter laws. If they had, they would discover that these laws are not working to lower kill rates.  In fact, these laws have actually caused shelter surrender rates to rise, which is turn caused kill rates to RISE in those communities.  There are links to several articles on this topic on our website which explain why this is occurring. 


Before anyone takes advice from PeTA regarding saving lives, let's look at PeTA's own record when it comes to protecting companion animals.  In fact there are NO protections at PETA.  Their literature would suggest that they protect every animal on earth, but this is far from true.  


Within 11 years, PETA has killed over 29,000 -- averaging a 90% to 97% KILL rate (according to PETA's own records supplied to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.)  By comparison, the Virginia Society for the Protection of Animals (which operates in the same Norfolk, Virginia area as PeTA) euthanized less than 2.5% of the 1,404 animals placed with them in 2006. 


In fact, PeTA's leader, Ingrid Newkirk has stated that PeTA has never hidden the fact that most animals are euthanized as a matter of policy


While claiming to oppose cruel methods of killing animals, PeTA is the last major animal advocacy group in the U.S. that vehemently opposes trap, neuter, return for feral cat control.  For example, in September 2003, PETA tried to block a neuter/return program proposed to the city of Newport News by Cat Rescue Inc., the Animal Resource Foundation, and Meower Power Feral Cat Coalition. 


Their opposition of TNR efforts continues today.  In Feb, 2012, PeTA sent out this Action Alert to their members asking them to oppose SB 359 in Virginia.   This bill aimed to clarify existing law to state that TNR is not illegal.  The bill would allow feral cat caretakers to neuter and release cats without fear of prosecution. 


The bill was supported by TNR advocates across the nation, but the pro-kill PeTA urged their supporters to oppose the law. 


In 2012, PeTA told the Mayor of Columbus, GA  to NOT work with rescuers because some of them might be hoarders.  PeTa would prefer that the animals are instead killed in shelters.


ANIMAL PEOPLE in mid-2004 received detailed complaints from several North Carolina no kill shelter volunteers and one ex-PeTA employee who charged that PeTA was taking animals from them who had been sterilized and vaccinated in preparation for adoption, promising to place them in homes, and then refused to account for them. The volunteers believed the animals were being killed. The ex-PeTA employee affirmed their suspicions.


It’s obvious that PeTA knows nothing about protecting animals nor are their actions  "ethical".  This organization is anything but ethical.  


There is model of sheltering that has been PROVEN to save all healthy and treatable animals entering a shelter.  As of April 2013, there are over 90 Open Admission, No Kill shelters saving 90% or more of all animals by following this model.

The Deadly PETA - Houston SPCA Connection

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