Please sign our letter asking the mayor to keep his campaign promises and implement the No Kill model of sheltering at Houston’s pound (BARC).   We have made it very easy.  It only takes a few seconds, but could save tens of thousands of lives every year.

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BARC had 81% Save Rate in 2017.  This save rate is higher than previous years, but is not good enough when it means that over 5,596 pets were needlessly killed by BARC. That is 15+ pets killed every single day. 


We can do better.  We must do better. 200+ Open Admission shelters are saving 90% to 100% of all animals.  BARC can do the same, with the right shelter leadership.

While Sylvester Turner was running for mayor, he stated that 'Implementing a no-kill policy should be the ultimate goal for Houston's animal control. As mayor, I will champion policies in pursuit of that goal.'


As a Houston voter, I am asking the mayor to keep his campaign promise.  I am asking city council to urge the mayor to implement the programs that will end the killing of all healthy and treatable pets at BARC.  I do not want my tax dollars used to finance the needless killing of Houston's shelter pets, when there are solutions to end it.


The lives of shelter pets matter deeply to me and I want my elected officials to address the issues that matter to me.  


The mayor has addressed potholes and the budget and should address this issue too.  There is a proven solution.  The only thing BARC leadership has to do is comprehensively implement it.

Why are we doing this?


Houston’s taxpayer funded animal control shelter (BARC), killed or lost 5,596 pets in 2017 alone.  That is 15+ pets killed by BARC every single day of the year.    


It does not have to be this way. It has been proven, by hundreds of Open Admission shelters all over the country that they can transform themselves into No Kill shelters.  There model of sheltering – a groups of programs and services --- that when comprehensively implemented, ends the killing of shelter pets.


BARC has made some progress over the last few years, and more lives are being saved now than in the past.  However, moving from an “F” to a “C” is not good enough when it means thousands of pets are still being needlessly killed by BARC.


As animal lovers, and taxpayers, we should EXPECT our municipal animal shelter to use the very best practices known, and to work hard, in order to save every healthy and treatable pet.


In Mayor’s Turner’s response to Houston Voters For Companion Animals' candidate questionnaire, he stated that “Implementing a no-kill policy should be the ultimate goal for Houston’s animal control.  As mayor, I will champion policies in pursuit of that goal”.   We should ask him to keep his campaign promises.  


Elected officials listen to what a large number of voters want.  So, we need all animal lovers to SPEAK and tell the mayor and city council that this is important to you, as an animal lover and VOTER.  


We must SPEAK to ensure that this issue gets on the mayor's agenda.  Otherwise, nothing will change.



Help us reach every Houstonian! 

There are 2.2 million people in Houston.  That is approximately 1,430,000 pet owners in Houston.   Our goal is for all 1,430,000 pet owners to ask the mayor to end the killing of shelter pets.   But, it is expensive for us to reach that many people and we need your help to continue spreading the word.  


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