CAP - Citizens for Animal Protection


According to the 2005 Mayor's Task Force Report, CAP kills 46% of the animals that it takes in.

This rate does not include animals that CAP takes in on "euthanasia only" contracts i.e. CAP takes in animals from the City of Katy and kills them for a $5.00 per animal fee.  


According to CAP's recent Better Business Bureau report (see below), their kill rate has risen to 52%.


Part 2 of CAP's BBB report.
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Part 3 of CAP's BBB report
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Citizens for Animal Protection; Not the "shelter" they claim to be.  Click here to read more.


Click here to contact the director of this shelter and ask why she has refused to implement the No Kill model of sheltering.  Ask her she is still killing healthy and treatable pets.


Or write the director at this address:


Kappy Muenzer

17555 Katy Freeway
Houston, Texas   77094


Or call 281-497-0591.