Houston's BARC

Houston's taxpayer funded animal control i.e. BARC killed or lost 5,596 pets in 2017.  


That is 466+ pets killed every single month or 15 animals killed by BARC every single day in 2016.  


In 2009, the international No Kill expert, Nathan Winograd came to Houston, assessed BARC and gave the city a 196 page report which detailed exactly how BARC could stop killing healthy and treatable pets. 


To date, the city has ignored his most of his recommendations.  During the 7+ years that the city has had Mr. Winograd's assessment report, more than 200 Open Admission shelters/animal control facilities, serving 500+ cities and towns, have reached No Kill i.e. saving 90% to up to 100% of all animals entering their door. 

The world is literally passing Houston by on their way to a No Kill nation.


There is a solution to the high kill rates at BARC, and the city has it in their hands right now.  The only thing they have to do is IMPLEMENT it.

Please contact the Mayor and City Council and demand that they hire leadership who is dedicated to saving lives and who will implement the programs and services that has ended shelter killing in 200+ other communities.  

We have made it very easy to SPEAK for shelter pets.  We have programmed a pre-addressed, pre-written email.  You just have to send.  Click here to find the link.  


North Kennels at BARC

No Kill sheltering expert, Nathan Winograd said "The North Ward dog kennels are some of the most poorly designed that I have ever seen.  Large dogs are not able to stand nose to tail, and are often forced to stand or lie in their own waste".

Another kennel in the North Ward at BARC.

A kennel in the North Ward at BARC

A kennel in the North Ward at BARC.

A drain hole in a kennel where puppies were literally wash down drains for years because kennel attendants did not remove dogs from the kennels before washing them down with hoses.

Drain holes in BARC kennels

"Drain holes have rough edges and are not covered.  Staff reported that dogs have gotten trapped and had to be killed in kennel to be extricated".  Nathan Winograd, in his August 2009 assessment of BARC.