Houston Humane Society


According to the Mayor's Task Force Report, Houston Humane Society KILLS 86%* to 89%** of the animals that it takes in.


**The HHS kill rate is 86% if only animals that HHS takes in from the Houston area are counted;


**The HHS kill rate is 89% if animals that HHS takes in on "euthanasia only" contracts are counted i.e. HHS takes in animals from Baytown, Deer Park, Sugarland, Missouri City and Alvin and kills them for a fee.


We have twice asked the Houston Humane Society to provide their current intake and outcome numbers and be transparent with the public.   They have refused to provide this information.  If their Save Rates were better than the above, we believe that they would gladly share their information. 

The Houston Humane Society kills ALL dogs that their "technicians" claim are Pit Bulss or Pit mixes.   According to the Houston Humane Society, most Pit Bulls have white fur on their necks, so they look for white fur in deciding which dogs to kill.   Click here to read more.

The Houston Humane Society kills animals even though rescuers beg to save them.  See this blog.

According to their Form 990, the Houston Humane Society is a multi-million dollar organization.  They took in more than $2 million dollars in donations in 2014 alone.  

Their director made $152,109 in 2014, plus another $15,488 in "other compensions". 


Animal lovers should expect and demand a better Save Rate of only 11%.

Houston Humane Society's Form 2014 990
Adobe Acrobat document [6.1 MB]

The Director of the Houston Humane Society told Houston City Council that No Kill is a "misnomer" and is not viable simply because she was not successful 25 years earlier.  So she CHOOSE to start killing pets.  (Click below to read her email.) 


200+ Open Admission, shelters who are serving 500+ cities and towns, are saving 90% to 100% of all animals entering their doors.   Clearly leadership at the Houston Humane Society hasn't bothered to learn how they have ended shelter killing.  Or perhaps it would require more work than leadership is willing to do. 

Houston Humane Society response to No Kill efforts in Houston
HHS Resp.pdf
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Click here to contact the Houston Humane Society and ask the Board of Directors at Houston Humane Society to hire shelter leadership who will work hard to implement the successful programs of the No Kill model of sheltering so they can stop killing  thousands of animals every year.  Or call 713-433-6421.