Organizations that provide assistance to pet owners who can't afford

medical care for their pets.



Please keep in mind that each organization is independent and has their own set of rules and guidelines. Therefore you will have to investigate each one separately to determine if you qualify for assistance:


IMOM Inc.:
The Pet Fund:
Good Sam Fund:
United Animal Nations LifeLine Fund:
Angels for Animals:
Brown Dog Foundation: 
Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program:
Feline Outreach:
Cats In Crisis:
The Perseus Foundation (cancer-specific):
Canine Cancer Awareness:
Cody's Club (radiation treatments):
Diabetic Pets Fund:
The Mosby Foundation:
Magic Bullet Fund (cancer-specific):
The Binky Foundation:
God's Creatures Ministry Veterinary Charity:
Jake Brady Memorial Fund:
GiveForward (set up a personal fundraising page):


* List courtesy of Pets for Life